Could You Date a Vampire?

Hittade ett spännande quiz och kände mig tvungen att göra det!

Svaret blev;
You and a vampire have definite possibilities. The whole dark, brooding, "I've been alive forever" thing is pretty heavy to deal with, but drinking blood isn't necessarily a deal-breaker for you. You'd probably even find a way to have a sense of humor about it. You're attracted to a vampire's dark side, even though you're also very aware of the dangers of this type of dating. It wouldn't hurt to set a few basic rules until you're sure you can trust each other (neck kisses = definitely off limits at first). No relationship is easy, but for this one to work out, you'll want to take your time and go slow. There's no reason to rush when you're dating someone who'll be alive forever!

Smått lyrisk här... så till alla vampyrer därute, jag är ledig ;) (undrar dock om vampyrer surfar på nätet...)

Postat av: Angelika V

Fick samma svar som du :)

2009-08-30 @ 12:07:32
Postat av: Snöfrid

Angelika: Haha, va tufft ;)

2009-08-30 @ 13:26:08
Postat av: jasmine

2009-08-30 @ 22:39:04

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