My clock reads 23:59 (11:59 pm) which means, sadly enough, that the Read-a-Thon is now over. I wanted to read more! Not that I can't or won't do that anyway...

As mentioned this was something new to me and I had a blast! It has been so much fun! Just reading, reading and reading whenever I had the time. Been a while since I did that to be honest.
Unfortunately I only had about a couple of hours to spare today but still, I did manage finish one book in that time!

I only participated in one Mini-challenge but I wanted to spend as much time possible reading. But that one challenge was really fun. I ejoyed this whole thing a lot!

My goal was to read six books. I only managed half of them. But I'm not sad about that. It's still three books in three days.

The books I've read:
Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
Vättar i väggen by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
Vampyrfesten by Benni Bødker

This might have been the first time I did a Read-a-Thon but it will most definitely not be the last! If there's one next year again I'll sign up for that. No question about it.

Read-a-Thon: Mini-Challenge

This Mini-Challenge, hosted by The Bookish Type, reads:
Pick any book from your readathon pile and write a fake synopsis based solely on the cover. The synopsis does not have to be related to the actual book at all, just the pretty, pretty cover.

Right! I've never written a fake synopsis before so I'm a little nervous but I hope you'll like it. And that my English is understandable enough.

Halloween. The time of the year when the streets suddenly are swarming with the likes of monsters, cowboys and fairies. Fake ones, that is.
Lukas Watson is just like any other young boy. Except for the small fact that he’s a wizard. A real one. And while out on Trick-or-Treat with his two best friends he accidentally makes a wrong-saying when trying to curse the old man Gibbons house, ending up cursing the whole town. All of a sudden every child has turned into whatever their costume was.
Now Lukas has to find a way to reverse the spell. But that’s easier said than done, especially while dealing with a neurotic vampire and a zombie who faints at the very mention of blood…

How's it going?

Well, thus far I've read two books. Out of six. And it's already Tuesday night here in Sweden. Lucky I'm a night owl!

The two books are:
Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman (Why haven't I read anything by him before this? I absolutely love his way of telling a story!)
Vättar i väggen by Toni DiTerlizzi & Holly Black (First book in the Spiderwick-series. The DVD have been standing in my bookshell for a while now but I didn't want to watch it before reading the book.)

This is fun! Even if I've only read two books in two days I'm happy with it. It's nice to feel like I'm really reading again. It's been a little too much other stuff lately... Now I'm gonna dive right into book number three!

Om någon vill att jag översätter detta till svenska så kan jag självklart göra det. Bara säg till i så fall! Men jag skriver det då i en kommentar här under, för enkelhetens skull.


Thanks to Bara en sida till I found a Read-a-Thon. Doesn't it sound exciting? I was a little unsure at first, to read under pressure is not really my thing, but after reading up on it all I just had to submit myself. It did sound incredibly fun! A link to the readathon can be found here.

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

My goal for these three days will be to try and read a total of six books. Three in English; three in Swedish.

Click on image to zoom

The books I've chosen:
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Dragonball Evolution by Stacia Deutsch & Rhody Cohon
Vampyrens huggtand by Tommy Donbavand
Vampyrfesten by Benni Bødker
Vättar i väggen by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

Läs inlägget på svenska här...


Tack vare Bara en sida till så hittade jag ett Läsmarathon. Visst låter det spännande? Jag var lite osäker först, att läsa under press är verkligen inte min grej, men efter att ha läst på så kunde jag ändå inte låta bli att anmäla mig. Lät ju faktiskt otroligt roligt! Länk till läsmarathonet hittas här.

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Mitt mål kommer vara att under dessa tre dagar läsa sammanlagt sex böcker. Tre på engelska, tre på svenska.

Klicka på bilden för större storlek

Böckerna jag valt:
Coraline av Neil Gaiman
Dragonball Evolution av Stacia Deutsch & Rhody Cohon
Vampyrens huggtand av Tommy Donbavand
Vampyrfesten av Benni Bødker
Vättar i väggen av Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
Odd and the Frost Giants av Neil Gaiman

Read the post in English here...

Läsutmaning 2010

Som nyårslöfte har jag bl.a. att jag i år ska läsa minst en vinnare/nominerad av World Fantasy Award för varje år under 2000-talet. Allt som allt ska det bli tolv böcker – en för varje månad.
Jag blandar engelska och svenska titlar efter vad jag får tag på eller redan äger. Locke Lamoras lögner har jag redan läst så för 2007 fick det bli en annan titel istället. Sen kanske jag ändrar ordningen en aning, Bärnstenskikaren är nämligen sista delen i trilogin Den mörka materian och jag har inte hunnit läsa de första två delarna ännu. Annars så läser jag dem i ordningen januari – 2000, februari – 2001 osv.

Ni får jättegärna haka på om ni känner för det! :)
Kursiv stil – årets vinnare.

Tamsin – Peter S. Beagle

Bärnstenskikaren – Philip Pullman
Perdido Street Station – China Miéville

The Onion Girl – Charles de Lint

Ombria in Shadow – Patricia A. McKillip
The Scar – China Miéville

Tooth and Claw – Jo Walton

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke

Od Magic – Patricia A. McKillip

The Privilege of the Sword – Ellen Kushner
(Locke Lamoras lögner – Scott Lynch)

The Servants – Michael Marshall Smith

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

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